Struggling to put house plans in front of customers?
For about the price of ONE house plan, instantly get 72 ready to sell and build

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PROJECTSELECT – a high quality portfolio of 72 fully designed homes.


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How does a project home builder, especially when first starting out, or wanting to expand, get their hands on lots of quality house plans immediately?

It’s an expensive exercise that the big building companies seem to have wrapped up completely, being able to show prospective customers a large variety of home plans in their first sitting. They get signed up to contracts before you even get a look in, even though you may have spent all night or all weekend working on presenting your own floor plan idea. So much for a level playing field! For a locally-based builder, its hard to compete.

Not any more! This complete house plan package is potentially a ‘game changer’!

For about the price of having just one single house plan drawn up by a qualified draftsman, this package gives you a fully professional house plans portfolio in a formidable sales arsenal.

  • Ready For Quoting
  • Fully dimensional floor plans
  • Save on drafting
  • CAD and REVIT files included
  • Instant Portfolio
  • Ring binder and digital copies


All orders will receive the original CAD files PLUS 14 alternate facades ~ at no extra cost

What’s included

plansDesign Concept Ring Binder containing :-

Memory Stick containing :-

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